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Conceptual and hands-on Creative Director with 15 years experience in the creative industry.
I’ve rebranded the computer giant AMD Radeon, created global campaigns for Intel, AMD, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell and Three Mobile. I’ve scripted, produced and directed films, created experiential events, and led a bustling and award-winning creative studio whilst sitting on the board of directors.
I live for design and creativity, and best of all, I love what I do.
Awards (selection):

Platinum - Lenovo Legion (Marcom Awards 2019)
Gold - Janger (Marcom Awards 2019)
Silver - Janger (Graphis 2019)
Bronze - Janger (Transform Awards 2019)
Platinum - Lenovo Legion (Hermes Awards 2019)
Platinum - AMD Ryzen Campaign (Marcom Awards 2018)
Gold - Radeon Vega Branding (Marcom Awards 2018) 
Silver - Lorton Entertainment (Transform Awards 2016)
Silver - Pariti (Transform Awards 2016) 
Gold - Monroe Avenue (Graphis Design Annual 2016)
Silver - Lorton Entertainment (Graphis Design Annual 2016)
Gold - LG Knock2Win (Brand Republic Digital Awards 2015)
Silver - Monroe Avenue (Graphis Design Awards 2015)
Winner - Agency of the Year (CIM 2015)